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My very favorite part about what I do is meeting incredibly talented people and giving them a place to shine. Sometimes, I get to connect them with another incredibly talented person, and then the magic doubles.

Welcome to Social Butterflies


This is my place to share information with you about authors, illustrators, editors, and graphic designers. Also, all of them will have an opportunity to tell you a little about themselves and their craft. Sometimes, the authors might even give you a special look inside the lives of the characters in their books!

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August Update from Catalina Rae

Kymberli: Catalina Rae? Where'd you go? Are you out for lunch? Catalina: Hello? (raps on computer screen) Does this thing still work? Seriously, everybody, where did the time go? Sorry if I've been out of touch with you for a while. It seems like it was June...

Middle Me: The Back Story of the Illustrations

Once in a while, you come across a sweet story that has illustrations that just pull you into the book. That’s the case with Middle Me, written by Renee Cybul, which is now available on Amazon as both an eBook and a paperback. After a lengthy search for just the right...

Now Available on Amazon!

Middle Me by Renee Cybul is now available on Amazon! You can purchase her book as a paperback or as an eBook for Kindle.  Please sign up for email updates, where we will be sharing some exciting updates and fun facts about the book, the characters, the illustrator,...