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Recordings – Teaching and Troubleshooting

This is a typical example of my presentations to faculty when introducing piloted software that they have opted to investigate. This Webex recording is for DeVry University Brasil. Because my presentations of this type are ALWAYS interactive, a single one-size-fits-all recording would not have been appropriate. Audio glitches are due to Webex. Lack of visual content in various places was intentional, as I focused on the audience’s needs. (This is a 54-minute recording. Skip to 2:00 and then jump through the recording as you like.)

This is a typical example of a Webex meeting with our dedicated support staff at VoiceThread during/after DeVry’s purchase of an institution-wide license of the software that I was in charge of piloting. After the adoption, there were problems with the integration, as DeVry transitioned from one LMS to another.  (This is a 26-minute recording. You’ll get the sense of my relationship and communication with the vendor within only a few minutes. Feel free to skip in and out of the recording. Issue #2 begins at 4:40, a definitive solution is discovered at 10:30, etc.)

Work Samples

Project: VoiceThread Pilot 


Executive Report VoiceThread Section

My section about my software pilot in our department’s quarterly report to senior leadership (PDF, 3 pages)

HUB VoiceThread Intro Page

The student- and faculty-facing web page content I submitted for inclusion in the Resource Materials Library (PDF, 1 page)

Quality Matters Review of VoiceThread

My section about my software pilot in our department’s analysis of how our tools met the Quality Matters certification standards (PDF, 1 page)

Project: ConnectYard Pilot


ConnectYard Overview

Presentation delivered 27 different times to DeVry University departments and colleges introducing the tool to senior leadership, academic deans, professors who piloted the tool, HelpDesk team, and others (22-slide PPT converted to PDF)

Executive Report ConnectYard Section My section about my software pilot in our department’s quarterly report to senior leadership (PDF, 4 pages)
HUB ConnectYard Intro Page

Student- and Faculty-facing web page content I submitted for inclusion in the Resource Materials Library (PDF, 1 page)

For Faculty – How to Un-Hide or Show a Hidden Content Item in Your Course

One of many “off-the-cuff” and “just-in-time” items that I developed on demand to support faculty piloting software in their courses (8-slide PPT converted to PDF)

Project: PathBrite Pilot


Adding Outcomes to Pathbrite.docx – Google Docs Directions for Course Producers and Instructional Designers building courses piloting PathBrite (PDF, 4 pages)
Creating a Course in Pathbrite.docx – Google Docs

Directions for Course Producers and Instructional Designers building courses piloting PathBrite (PDF, 2 pages)

REVS560 Assignments Pages Student Portfolio Sections.docx Content provided to Course Producers (with directions for linked materials highlighted) for courses that DeVry created for other online institution clients that opted into the pilot of this portfolio software (PDF, 7 pages)
REVS560 Week 1 Pathbrite Account Setup HelpSheet created by me for inclusion in all Realtor U courses using PathBrite in a course (PDF, 6 pages)
REVS560 Week 1 Assignments Page – Sample Course content created by me after consultation with a SME from Realtor U when the ID assigned to him had to take emergency leave (PDF, 1 page)
Rubric for MGMT520 Unit 1 Learning Activity Example of a rubric from a different course using a Learning Activity that could be used for a Pathbrite assignment (PDF, 2 pages)

Contributions to Team Writings: Department of Online Services


Academic Technologists Need Admin Rights to Their Laptops At my director’s request, I authored this document for him to include in his report to senior management so that our team could work more efficiently. (PDF, 2 pages)
Best Practices for the Bond Project This explanation was provided to senior leadership regarding the importance of placing each of the piloted tools in separate groups of courses, so that the impact of each tool could be more accurately measured. (PDF, 2 pages)
Technical Training

This was my section, one of several sections that our team authored, for the website to describe what our department did to support our organization and third-party client institutions. (PDF, 1 page)

Leadership Development Learning Paths Working with a team, I created this series of graphics that was introduced by senior leadership to be displayed on our website and framed in our various colleges’ faculty departments. (6-slide PPT converted to PDF)
Chamberlain Leadership Summit 2016 Managing Remote Workforce This brief presentation was created for my supervisor for a break-out session held by one of DeVry’s colleges. He wanted to promote a tool for real-time audience interaction and responses. (12-slide PPT converted to PDF)
Cutting Edge Project Team – Report to Senior Management Our team was asked to present to senior leadership about some of the technology trends that we had been following, and how they might impact student interest and retention/return enrollments. I compiled all team members’ ideas and produced this presentation, which we presented via Webex. (62-slide PPT converted to PDF)
CITE with K Notes My supervisor presented at the CITE Conference in Orlando. My colleague and I presented our portions of our supervisor’s presentation remotely. (46-slide PPT converted to PDF)

Presentations Created to Give with Other Presenters at School Districts


Internet Safety Night for Parents This information was shared with all parents at the middle school’s Curriculum Night—presented by our school principal, our contact with the local police department, and me. (83-slide PPT converted to PDF)
Butterfly Project   All-day guest presentation at a school in Buffalo Grove that invited my son and I to help them with their “senior project” of creating a butterfly garden on the school property.
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Presentation to the School Board One of my favorite Keynotes ever, full of student projects and faculty video clips, the culmination of a year’s worth of amazing classroom projects utilizing new technology tools. (Currently, the file crashes upon being opened, even before I can convert it to a PDF. I refuse to give up on the possibility that it can one day be resurrected, so it has a space here for now.)

Staff Surveys and Professional Development Evaluations at School Districts


Fall 2011 Technology Workshop Offerings

This is one example of the listings available to elementary and middle school teachers each semester, often enhanced by teacher leaders we empowered to coach their peers.

SMARTboard Teacher Rubric for Self-Assessment 

When Technology Integration became an item that was included in annual teacher reviews, we built a rubric and learning paths for teachers to succeed, and supported them as they learned.

Spring 2012 SMARTboard Teacher Self-Assessment Results 

This documents the success of our three different groups of teachers that we were scaffolding training for over a three-year period.

Presentations at Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) Conference


Teaching and Learning with Technology Presentation

This is one of six presentations that I provided at the Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) Conference while working with public K-8 school districts.

Teaching and Learning with Technology Presenter Notes Since I don’t employ “presenter notes” within PowerPoint or Keynote, here are the talking points that I followed for this particular presentation.

Work for Private Clients


The Designers Desk This PowerPoint was created for a business client to use at a trade show. It was set to loop continuously on a large screen at the back of their booth in the vendor area.