As a recent retiree and new resident of Wisconsin, Renee can often be found dabbling in her new studio that overlooks their lakefront property. Yes, that beautiful room pictured above really is her studio. I could spend all day there, couldn’t you?

In addition to being the author of two delightful books for children, Renee is an award-winning photographer, having placed in many contests in Illinois and Wisconsin. 

She also has been painting for years, and has sold many of her works to private buyers.

Renee is very proud of her Italian heritage and references it often with pride—and occasionally with a tongue-in-cheek comment. 

At the end of Renee’s latest book, Lores Louise, Immigrant Child If You Please, there is a photo essay of the life of Renee’s mother—who is, of course, the center of the story.

Renee recently explained why including the photo essay was important to her:

“Photography has been part of my life since my teens.  I loved preserving memories that had the potential to last for a long time.  Photography and painting inspire me in so many ways. Both make me see the world with eyes wide open. Both inspire me to write. The photo essay in Lores Louise, Immigrant Child if You Please blends my love of photography and the preservation of time’s memories with the written word.”

Always dreaming, Renee has a few ideas for her next book. You can check out Renee’s author website to learn more about her first book, Middle Me, and her second book, Lores Louise. As always, if you have purchased either of these books on Amazon, she would love it if you would leave a review!


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Photo credits: Renee Cybul