Literary Agent

Why Do You Need a Literary Agent?

Simply put, the easiest part of getting your book published is writing it.

No matter how many hours you put into it, how many revisions you make, nor how many years you put off getting it to a publisher — that is only the beginning.

You can, of course, take this on all alone. I mean, I did, and I had no experience when I started.

But I will tell you this: No matter how amazing your book is, without a very well-tailored marketing plan it will simply go unnoticed (and unpurchased) for months on end.

Here’s a great article that describes what really happens.

I will work with you to make sure that your book launch is a success.

This begins with a FREE CONSULTATION.  We discuss your target audience for the first book and your vision for your future as an author.

Well go over basic requirements before publishing such as:

  • The importance of proofreading/editing
  • The necessity of creating an amazing book cover
  • The addition of a few elements inside your book to make it look professional

Before we submit your book for publication we will work together to create for you a simple yet effective method of gathering an interested audience who is eager to buy and read your book.

We will work together after your book launch to continue to grow your following, whether your goal is just to continue collecting royalties or to move on to a second book.

Your dream is big. Let’s take the steps together to make it happen.