Content Writer

What do you need written?

Today’s small businesses need an online presence that includes regular social media posts and email campaigns that serve their customers.

Larger companies may need site content or direct email marketing as a part of their B2B plan.

Even the most dedicated bloggers occasionally want a guest post.

I can provide any of these, once I have listened to what you need and who your audience is. I’ll take the time to understand your goals and what you have done to achieve them so far.

Other types of writing that I can provide:

  • Technical writing, from user manuals to tutorials with screenshots
  • Marketing reports
  • Whitepapers
  • Research articles
  • Summary of new trends in business or education
  • Presentations for conferences (presenter notes and screens based on visuals, not text)
  • A curriculum guide or a lesson plan with a wealth of resources about your choice of topics
  • A rubric for STEM or web or multimedia projects
  • Examples of student written work that meet and do not meet requirements
  • Discussions guides for fiction or nonfiction books in your curriculum
  • Lists of educational technology tools that students can use in your classroom or at home
  • More…

Whatever your needs, Contact Me and I will be happy to help.