If this book cover looks familiar, then you might know that the original author is Meghan Unger, whom we welcomed in August as our newest author.

Meghan’s book is the incredible story of a family in Canada who weathered TWO diagnoses of cancer within two years.

The first cancer diagnosis broadsided their family. Their oldest son was diagnosed with a kidney tumor. 

After they battled that as a family and returned home to begin looking for a new “normal,” Meg herself was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Due to a number of early book reviews, Meg delved back into her manuscript and wrote a couple of chapters that are much more personal about her own breast cancer and how she and her husband coped with the double-whammy of two cancer diagnoses in such a short time.

As she wrote about these very intimate and personal experiences, she determined that she wanted privacy for her sons and husband, so she assumed a pseudonym. Meg will hereafter be referred to as Ellie O’Brien, which is her late mother’s name.

To read more about Ellie O’Brien and this book, which is due out later this month, please visit Ellie’s website. Use the small white dots to navigate from the author page to the description of her first book.

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