I love a basic pot roast, but this one goes beyond anything you’ve ever had. As I said, my friend Nicole turned me on to this recipe. I can’t take all the credit!

In a standard pot roast recipe, you’d load the potatoes and carrots and onions into the bottom of the crockpot, but with SEVEN mouths to feed, I need every inch of TWO crockpots to be designated for meat.

I make oven-baked smashed potatoes and a green salad and veggies to go with this.

Just be prepared because all day, your family will walk into the house and say, “Mmmm! That smells so good! When is dinner?”

This recipe makes 4-6 servings. I always have to double it and use two crockpots.

Chuck roast
1 stick of butter
1 packet au jus gravy mix (in a pinch, I have used beef stock or broth)
1 ranch dip mix packet
A few peperoncinis (you can find them near the pickles and olives in most grocery stores)

Put roast in crock pot.
Make a dent in the butter.
Add the dry mixes over the butter.
Toss peperoncinis in. They are not spicy, so you can add them generously.
Cook on low for about 8 hours.

How easy was that?