Please give a rousing huzzah to our newest author from Canada, Meghan Unger!

Here is Meghan’s story, in her own words:

My eldest son Liam has the honour of joining the ranks of being a childhood cancer survivor.  

When Liam was eight years old, he was playing street hockey with his younger brother, Owen, who poked him in the side with a hockey stick.  This hit ruptured a Stage Three Wilms tumour we didn’t know Liam had.

Although Liam’s illness was an incredibly difficult time for our family, many hidden blessings and life lessons were revealed.  

The first part of this story is about a little boy who bravely and fiercely fought cancer. It will provide a parent’s perspective on the challenges we experienced, and how we picked up the pieces and moved forward.

Two years later, I received a breast cancer diagnosis, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, which interrupted our lives once again.  Twice we managed to make it through the storms of cancer.  

As one friend remarked, “The Ungers aren’t sissies when it comes to fighting cancer.” 

My response? “Damn straight.”

And this book is our story.

Meghan’s book is due out before Christmas. We will keep you posted about the details!

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