Some years back, new neighbors moved in across the street. I threw a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” party for them, and people from up and down the street came to say hello.

A couple of months later, I thought to purchase the children a couple of small items for Christmas. I picked up some tiny cars and some things from the latest superheroes in the movies. And then I began looking for coloring books.

Every. Single. One.

Was full of white kids.

The illustrations in this publication have been created especially for children who have ever flipped through a coloring book and found that not one picture looks like them, or that not one page represents their family’s structure, religious beliefs, or differing abilities.

As the mother of the family on the cover says, “We don’t all match, but we’re family just the same!”

This is KALEIDOSCOPE. Use the Whole Box of Crayons!

Please help us get the word out about KALEIDOSCOPE, which is available on Amazon now. Share this post, or email the link to friends and family who might enjoy giving a child a coloring book that was designed with ALL children in mind.

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Illustrations: Anna Kondratova
Book Cover Design: Ruben Herrera
Special Thanks to the Williams Family and the Janak Family

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