Once in a while, you come across a sweet story that has illustrations that just pull you into the book.

That’s the case with Middle Me, written by Renee Cybul, which is now available on Amazon as both an eBook and a paperback.

After a lengthy search for just the right illustrator, we commissioned a young artist who lives just outside of Moscow. Anna Kondratova proved to be an incredible choice, as she worked hard to follow Renee’s directions on the Illustration Guide we provided. Anna provided simple sketches for Renee to approve before fully developing each ink and watercolor illustration.

In Renee’s book, Middle Me, there are over 20 full page color illustrations. On every page which has text (written in couplets), there are delightful tiny images foreshadowing elements of the pages to come.

Please enjoy these illustrations (one above, and one below) that are not included in the Amazon preview. Show your support of Renee and her illustrator Anna by purchasing the book!

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