In Intersections, Scarlet is the strong mother character, the perfect yin to Crash’s yang. She is unflappable even in the face of adversity. Like Crash, she calmly guides their children through what surely must be one of the worst real-life cross-country road trips that actually ever occurred.

We asked Scarlet to answer a few questions for us so you could get to know her better.

What is the best advice that you have ever given your children?
What you do today is laying the foundation for your future so choose wisely.

What things did your mother (or father) say to you when you were young that you will never forget?
My mom use to tell me “I hope you have a daughter just like you.”

What is the best gift you ever received?
My five children.

What subject did you like least in school and why?
History! I found it to be boring which is funny because it is Crash’s favorite.

Open bar. You order what?
Spicy Bloody Mary with extra limes and olives.

So, you and Crash made a commitment long ago to always find a way to have one of you be the Stay-At-Home parent for all of your kids. This is something that most families wish that they could do, but it is really an accomplishment for a blended family like yours.

Feeding that many mouths and keeping everyone on track with school and sports and other activities is a huge challenge. I don’t imagine that it could be managed well with both of you working.

Do you have a favorite recipe to share that will feed a hungry family of seven?

Honestly, I am a big fan of a simple crockpot roast with potatoes and veggies. Anything that I can set up in the morning and easily serve up at night is a major win for me.

Most people already know how to make that, though. But my friend Nicole shared her recipe for Mississippi Pot Roast, and I think you’ll love it. The house smells AMAZING all day, and dinner is perfect. Even though the recipe calls for peperoncinis, there’s no heat or spiciness to the roast when it’s done.