Christine Scott

Sr. Director, Product Development
Adtalem Global Education
(Previously DeVry University at the time that Kymberli worked with us)

Kymberli wrote materials which ran the gamut from welcome messages and help sheets for online college students, to training materials for faculty who were piloting new tools. In addition, she wrote reports to explain which piloted tools offered the most benefit to our students and faculty. She was able to adjust her language for each audience in order to achieve the goals for each assignment — in both written and live training sessions — to achieve the desired goal.

John Morello

Senior Professor of History
DeVry University

As an author and presenter of online courses for college faculty, Kymberli has a knack for putting the learners at ease. She delivers the content in small enough pieces to be digested and implemented.

Steve Griesbach

Retired Superintendent
Gower School District 62 in Burr Ridge, Illinois

Kymberli can translate a complex concept into understandable language so that a reader or listener “gets it”. Only the best writers and teachers have this gift.

Vicki Davis

Author of Cool Cat Teacher Blog
Host of the 10-Minute Teacher Show (named by Forbes Magazine as the Number 2 edupreneur in the US)
Top female #edtech influencer on Twitter, Onalytica

Kymberli Mulford helps me turn my audio podcast into usable, helpful shownotes for teachers by editing, adding subtitles and polishing up the language. Before she came along to help, I was struggling with people who didn’t meet deadlines or keep promises. I’m thankful for Kymberli and her reliable, prompt assistance and professionalism. She’s helped me level up the podcast which continues to grow as one of the top podcasts in K12 education. A part of that success is the excellent show notes which Kymberli is a large part of creating.