Content Writing

Christine Scott
Sr. Director, Product Development
Adtalem Global Education

“Kymberli wrote materials which ran the gamut from welcome messages and help sheets for online college students, to training materials for faculty who were piloting new tools. In addition, she wrote reports to explain which piloted tools offered the most benefit to our students and faculty. She was able to adjust her language for each audience in order to achieve the goals for each assignment — in both written and live training sessions — to achieve the desired goal.”

John Morello
Senior Professor of History
DeVry University

“As an author and presenter of online courses for college faculty, Kymberli has a knack for putting the learners at ease. She delivers the content in small enough pieces to be digested and implemented.”

Vicki Davis
Author of Cool Cat Teacher Blog
Host of the 10-Minute Teacher Show


“Kymberli Mulford helps me turn my audio podcast into usable, helpful shownotes for teachers by editing, adding subtitles and polishing up the language. Before she came along to help, I was struggling with people who didn’t meet deadlines or keep promises. I’m thankful for Kymberli and her reliable, prompt assistance and professionalism. She’s helped me level up the podcast which continues to grow as one of the top podcasts in K12 education. A part of that success is the excellent show notes which Kymberli is a large part of creating.”

Steve Griesbach
Retired Superintendent
Gower School District 62 in Burr Ridge, Illinois


“Kymberli can translate a complex concept into understandable language so that a reader or listener “gets it”. Only the best writers and teachers have this gift.”

Writing Coach

Tony Clarke
Classroom Teacher, Fifth/Sixth Grade
Schaumburg School District 54
Schaumburg IL

“Kymberli visited my classroom several times while she worked at our school as a Learning Technology Facilitator. My students loved it when she would bring picture books to read to them, sharing the scanned pages from an LCD projector. Sometimes she focused on a particular reading skill like inferencing, and other times she taught them about a writing skill like foreshadowing. She created a bright colorful looping PowerPoint that was full of writing prompts for students to use. A couple of times when she visited she would let a student freeze the loop at random, and then she would write to that prompt “on the spot” while narrating her own thought process. She encouraged the students to ask questions about certain pieces and then elaborated on details to make the story more interesting. While her lessons were tied to state standards and did, in fact, increase my students’ writing scores over the year, what was more important to me was that my students stopped groaning and complaining about writing. They actually enjoyed it and looked forward to her visits to our classroom.”

Alexandria Graves
First Year Student
Veterinary Technician Certificate Program
Southern Florida

“I contacted Kymberli for help with my assignments for a college course about writing. It was a required Pass/Fail course for a certification that I am seeking in order to advance my career, and I simply didn’t know where to begin. I didn’t really understand the assignment directions or know how the professor was going to grade my work. Kymberli worked with me long-distance using Google Docs, providing me with detailed suggestions about changes, but also explaining the reasoning behind them. By my last assignment for the course, I didn’t really need her help anymore. And I passed the class! If you need help with writing, I suggest that you contact Kymberli.”


Renee Cybul
Author of Children’s Books

“It has been a privilege to work with Kymberli Mulford as my publisher. This is my first attempt at publishing a book and could not have done it without Kymberli’s patience and guidance. She has made this an amazing learning experience for me. She is knowledgeable and is a workhorse for her clients.”

Anna Kondratova
Illustrator of Children’s Books
Moscow, Russia


“I’ve had my best freelance experience working with Kymberli. She is truly a super client. She gives clear guidelines, she is a great communicator, super polite and attentive. She is always in touch, eager to explain everything, making my job so easy and pleasant. She is a wonderful person to work with, and even pays forward. What else could you wish? I would love to work with Kymberli in the future and highly recommend her.”

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