If you are planning a butterfly garden, you should first know the types of butterflies that are native to this area.

This will help you select the right types of flowers to attract them.

You can learn about butterflies that are most often seen in the suburban areas outside of Chicago in this VoiceThread: Butterflies Native to Northern Illinois

When you think you can identify them all, try this Matching Game.
Click on Matching when you get to the EasyNotecards page.

Record your score and time on your packet. This is Station #1.


Curious to Learn More?

Check out this page about the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. Does this page tell you anything about this butterfly’s migration?

Here’s a page that tells more about the “Vanessa” family of butterflies, which includes the Red Admiral, Painted Lady, and the American Lady. The information here refers to different coloring versions of each of these, but the colors are not related to whether the butterfly is male or female. What do the color differences indicate?

There are many others, but they are sometimes found only in forests or large fields. Here’s a longer list. Have you ever seen any of them before?