Other Butterflies: Host Plants and Life Cycles

We happen to be pretty focused on raising Monarchs, but as other butterflies visit our garden, we have begun to research the necessary plants to keep our other butterfly friends happy and healthy — and returning to our garden!

We mostly have seen Eastern Swallowtails, with the occasional Red Admiral or Painted Lady or American Lady.

This presentation tells you a little about the plants that these butterfly species will lay their eggs on. Host Plants for Other Native Butterflies in Northern Illinois

This VoiceThread shows you what the eggs, caterpillars, chrysalids, and butterflies look like. If you look very carefully around your garden, you might be able to spot them! Life Cycles of a Few Butterflies Native to Northern Illinois

When you think you can match the butterfly with the host plant, try the Other Butterflies and Host Plants Matching Game. Click on Matching when you get to the EasyNotecards page.

Record your score and time on your packet. This is Station #5.