Tales Worth re Telling

Do you remember sitting around the table at a family dinner and hearing someone tell a well-loved story about a family member who got into trouble or did something funny?

Do you recall trying to put a sleepy child to bed, and being asked to recite these stories that bond us together?

Have you recently sat by the bedside of an ailing parent, and wished that you had recorded their wonderful memories before you got to this difficult time?

Oral family history is one of the oldest forms of communication, but in today’s busy world it is swiftly disappearing.

If you are like me, you feel that these time-honored stories are a treasure to be kept and handed down.

Are you interested in learning how to craft these brief stories into unforgettable tales to pass on or even publish?

I’m just getting started, but I can’t WAIT to share some exciting ideas with you about how you can accomplish this Herculean task in only a few minutes a day.

Follow me for now. I am launching my program to make this easy for every person!