Kymberli started teaching back in the days before schools had internet. Even then, she had a constant stream of college faculty visiting her classroom to see how she implemented Writers Workshop with a few old Apple 2E stations and some overhead projectors.

One of those visitors was the then-iconic Madeline Hunter, who shared several highlights about Kymberli’s teaching style in her national workshops for educators at that time.

Kymberli teamed with others to pull the first internet cables at her school. She helped launch the school’s cohort with a local university for a degree in Instructional Technology. In those early years, she wrote and presented professional development for her public school district and for local educational conferences.

As technology became more accessible to schools, she presented at local Ed Tech conferences and launched her own curricula through computer courses and library media centers in public K-8 schools. Several districts benefited from her experience with one-to-one laptop initiatives and SMARTboard certification for teacher training.

When Common Core arrived on the scene, Kymberli left the K12 world and transferred her educational technology skills to the online higher education world, working at first as an instructional designer.

Though she had initially been hired to write courses for students and to provide Quality Assurance on recycled courses in online higher education, her background in professional development soon placed her in a different role. She found herself back in the familiar role of developing and delivering training and support materials for educators.

Recently, she coached online faculty through pilot programs of various software intended to engage students more deeply in their coursework.

Beyond the standard tasks of writing technical directions and HelpSheets at a user-friendly level, she wrote numerous reports for senior leadership of a for-profit university, relaying data and anecdotal evidence as to whether a particular piece of software or a web-based subscription should be purchased or not.

Kymberli is well-versed in various business writing formats, including professional development presentations, data-driven reports for senior leadership, reviews of research-based practices, and solid instructional design.

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